Chewsday Review - ​​Vetta Smart Fibre Penne Pasta

This week I’m back again with another pasta review. I’m taking a closer look at Vetta Smart Fibre Penne, to see what makes pasta "smart".

🔹 Ingredients

🔸 Australian durum wheat semolina, oat fibre (3%).

🔸 The oat fibre is what makes this product different from regular penne pasta.

🔸 Allergens: Wheat (Gluten)

🔸 May contain: Milk, Egg

🔹 Positives

🔸 Excellent fibre content. This is more than twice the fibre of regular penne pasta. Assuming your child ate the equivalent of ½ a cup of uncooked pasta, this works out to 3.5g of fibre, which is 25% of a young child’s fibre recommendation and 19% of an older child’s daily fibre recommendations.

🔸 Low sodium content at 7 mg/100 g. Regular penne is basically the same with 5 mg/100 g.

🔸 Low sugar content of 3 g/100 g (none added, all naturally occurring).

🔸 Roughly the same price as branded pasta at $2.25 for a 500 g packet. But this is more than home brands which are usually around $1 for the same amount.

🔹 Negatives

🔸 The texture is only slightly different to regular wheat pasta, but more similar to regular pasta than pulse pasta (pasta made from lentils and legumes), which can take some warming up to.

🔸 This pasta does have less fibre and protein compared to pulse pasta. Having said that, most Australian kids get plenty of protein so this isn’t a huge loss.

🔹 Marketing

🔸 “Naturally delivers twice the fibre with the same great taste you love”. True! The taste is very similar to regular pasta.

🔸 “Good source of plant-based protein” Yep, but about the same amount as regular penne pasta.

🔸 “Premium pasta products with a healthier twist” It has more fibre, but that’s the only difference from regular pasta.

🔹 Alternatives

🔸 Just to clarify, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with regular pasta! This is just another option and an easy swap to a higher fibre food. This could be helpful for toddlers who prefer plain, starchy foods.

🔸 If you want to see how this Vetta Smart Fibre Penne Pasta compares to pulse pasta, you can read my past reviews on the Barilla Chickpea Casarecce and San Remo Pulse Pasta Penne here:;


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