Chewsday Review - Mamia Fruit & Oat Apricot Bars

Today’s Chewsday Review features another product from the Aldi Mamia baby range, their Fruit and & Oat Apricot Bars.

🔹 Ingredients:

🔸 Fruit paste (62%) [Sultanas, Pear Puree Concentrate, Apple Juice Concentrate, Apricot Puree Concentrate, Apple Fibre], Organic Oat Products (27%) [Oat Bran, Oatmeal, Rolled Oats], Rice Flour, Vegetable Oil, Natural Apricot Flavour.

🔸 The ‘fruit paste’ making up 62% of the bar may come from fruit, but it is mostly just the concentrated sugars. All the good bits of the fruit have been removed, so really this is no better than regular sugar.

🔹 The positives:

🔸 Very low sodium (salt) content.

🔸 The fat content is just within healthy guidelines. The saturated fat (the bad kind) is also below the guidelines.

🔸 These bars are fairly cheap at around 50c per bar, although they are on the small side so likely won’t be very satisfying, especially for older kids.

🔹 The negatives:

🔸 Lots of sugar- more than doubling the healthy guidelines! Again, this may be a ‘natural source’ of sugar from fruit, but this doesn’t make it a healthy option as you are only getting the concentrated sugars from the fruits.

🔹 The marketing:

🔸 “Nutritious ingredients” 62% fruit juice concentrate isn’t particularly nutritious if you ask me.

🔸 “Made with organic Australian oats” Aussie oats are great… but they make up less than 30% of the bar.

🔸 No preservatives, No artificial colours, Natural flavours – True, but pretty standard.

🔹 The alternatives:

🔸 These bars sit better than the similar style soft fruit bars by Woolworths and Coles, which both have an even higher sugar content! However, I still wouldn't be recommending these bars- there are definitely more nutritious options to choose from.

🔸An actual piece of fruit would be much more nutritious. Similarly, two dried apricots would weigh the same and have more fibre and less sugar (just remember to brush sticky bits off little teeth).

🔸 My homemade peach, apricot and almond bars are super simple to make and are a great alternative for a fruity and chewy snack- Remember, babies don't need too much dried fruit so I would still be offering these bars one serving at a time.


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