Chewsday Review - Kellogg's LCMs Oaty Puffs Strawberry 'N Cream

A sweet treat or a nutrient-packed wholegrain snack bar? The Kellogg’s LCM Strawberry N Cream snack bars seem to promise the best of both worlds, but can they deliver? Read on to find out in today’s Chewsday Review.

🔹 Ingredients

🔸 Whole grain oats (35%), glucose, white rice (16%), glucose solids, invert syrup, flavoured sprinkles (5%) (sugar, tapioca starch, natural flavour, vegetable fat [emulsifier (soy lecithin)], natural colour [120, 160c], plant extract), humectants (glycerol, sorbitol), vegetable fat, soluble corn fibre, sugar, dextrose, salt, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, canola lecithin), natural flavour, milk solids, barley malt extract, antioxidant (rosemary extract).

🔸 Don’t be fooled, glucose, glucose solids, invert syrup and dextrose are all different names for sugar. This means sugar is the second largest ingredient in these bars. Not a good start....

🔸 About 50% of this bar is made of whole grain oats and white rice, the rest of it seems to be sugar or other fairly standard muesli bar ingredients, like emulsifiers and humectants.

🔸You may notice there is no mention of strawberries in the ingredients list. Since this product is only ‘strawberry flavoured’ I’m not totally surprised it doesn’t appear in the ingredients list.

🔸 Allergens: Gluten, soy & milk.

🔸 May contain: Tree nuts & peanuts.

🔹 Positives

🔸 Individually packaged, these are a convenient and are reasonably priced for a box of six muesli bars at $3 or 50c a bar. While this is more expensive than Uncle Tobys muesli bars (38c each), it’s cheaper than Nature Valley bars (90c each), Carman’s bars and Nice and Natural bars (83c each).

🔸 Total fat and saturated fat content is within healthy guidelines.

🔸 These bars are low in sodium, which I would expect from a sweet flavoured bar.

🔹 Negatives

🔸 Since these bars contain several added sugars, it’s no surprise the sugar content surpasses healthy guidelines. With 19.3g of sugar per 100g, these are much sweeter than some other bars on the market. For example, the Carman’s Strawbs & Cream Aussie Oat Bars are just as much fun but contain only 11.3g sugar per 100g.

🔸 These bars are lacking in fibre with only 1g per bar, compared to Uncle Tobys Yoghurt and Strawberry bar which has 3.3g of fibre per bar.

🔸 These bars only contain strawberry flavouring, so don’t be fooled into thinking they’re a nutritious fruit option.

🔹 Marketing

🔸 As they claim, these bars are 35% wholegrain oats. This is lower than Carman’s and Nature Valley muesli bars and about the same as Nice and Natural muesli bars.

🔸 Although these bars do have less than 5g sugar per bar, they’re teeny tiny at 23 g per bar, so per 100g the sugar content is way more than I’d want for an everyday snack.

🔸 It’s strawberry… but not! Even though these bars are labelled strawberries and cream, they don’t actually contain any real fruit, the strawberry flavour comes from natural flavours.

🔸 It’s true that no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives have been used, but that’s standard these days.

🔹 Alternatives

🔸 These are certainly sweet muesli bars, and I wouldn’t recommend including in a daily lunch box.

🔸 A higher fibre, lower sugar option would be the Carman’s Strawbs & Cream Aussie Oat Bars.


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