Chewsday Review- Baby Bellies Organic Apple Strawberry Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls are so trendy right now – even baby food companies are jumping on the bandwagon! Let’s have a look at what Baby Bellies are putting into theirs…

🔹 Ingredients

🔸 Organic Apple (67.5%), Organic Strawberry (28.5%), Organic Oat Flour (3%), Organic Rice Flour (1%)

🔸 Not much to talk about here! A very simple ingredients list with no preservatives or anything artificial!

🔸 Common allergens include: Gluten

🔹 Positives

🔸 Simple ingredients in convenient packaging. This would be great if you were on holiday or on the go with no access to a kitchen.

🔸 No added sugar or salt – just like you would make at home. I wouldn’t expect these to be added in a product designed for babies.

🔸 Saturated fat, total fat and sodium content are within healthy guidelines

🔸 Recyclable and reusable packaging gets a tick from me! This could be why they are so expensive…

🔹 Negatives

🔸 These are basically just fruit puree and not something I would give as a whole meal on its own. Combining this with an iron-rich finger food would be a good idea if you are using this as part of a meal.

🔸 All these ingredients are mixed together, so your baby is missing out on the chance to taste and enjoy each individual flavour. Occasionally, this isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t something I would serve regularly as it’s best to change up the flavours for your baby in the first few months of solids.

🔸 You are paying for convenience! At $2.25 for 110g, these are pricy! This is about 4-5x the price of buying your own fruit and pureeing it at home.

🔹 Marketing

🔸 ‘No added sugar or salt’ – Tick, but this is expected in a food product for babies.

🔸 ‘Certified organic’ – Remember: this just tells you about how the ingredients were grown, not the nutrient content!

🔸 ‘For interactive spoon feeding’ – Huh? I would hope any kind of mealtimes with your baby are interactive! I do like that these are convenient for spoon feeding rather than being packaged in a pouch.

🔹 Alternatives

🔸 I’m not quite sure how this gets to be considered a ‘smoothie’ bowl- it just seems like a fruit puree to me!

🔸 A homemade puree would be a much cheaper and just as nutritious option!

🔸 If you are wanting a prepared option, the Heinz Apple Puree is a more affordable option that has a simple ingredients list and convenient packaging.


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