Chewsday Review- Jamie Oliver parsley fish cakes

We’ve had a bit of a look at the frozen fish finger section at the supermarket in our reviews, but what about some other frozen fish products? Let’s dive straight into today’s special Jamie Oliver parsley fish cakes (round, not finger-like) and put this famous chef to the test!


🔹This fishcake is made of up 3 main components: the fishcake core, the crumb coating and oil.

1) Fishcake core (68%): Pollock (53%), Potato (33%), Onion, Wheat Flour, Cream (2%), Potato Starch, Parsley, White pepper

2) Breadcrumb coating (23%): Wheat flour, Cornflour, Water, Sea Salt, Yeast, Mustard Powder, Parsley (3%), Yeast Extract, Salt, Olive oil

3)Rapeseed oil (similar to canola oil)

🔹Pollock comes from the Cod family, a mild, white, fleshy fish. It is low in fat and a good source of Omega-3’s!

🔹A bit of detective work revealed that fish makes up only 36% of the whole fish cake, which is lower than other products such as the Woolworths fish fingers (64% fish) or the Jamie Oliver fish fingers (58% fish).

🔹Common allergens: fish, gluten, milk and wheat.


🔹Relatively low amount of salt in this fish cake at 189mg/100g, which is lower than other frozen fish finger alternatives and the lovable chicken nuggets too!

🔹These are low in fat, particularly saturated fat at 1.1g per 100g which is fine for your kids.

🔹I like that these ingredients are much closer to what you have and already use in your pantry! Other brands (such as Woolworths & Birdseye) often have a bunch of preservatives and other additives in their products, but this one doesn’t.

🔹No added sugar and well within guidelines (as I’d expect for fish!)


🔹Each serving (100g) of fish cake only has 36g of real fish. A serving of fish is equal to 100g of cooked fish so you’re only getting just over 1/3 of a serve eating one of these!


🔹‘Keep it simple’, can’t seem to argue with Jamie there as these are simple and easy to cook up for a quick meal.

🔹His products are sustainably sourced which is great for everyone involved

🔹‘Made with 100% fish fillets’ which while true, we mustn’t forget 63% of these fish cakes contain ingredients other than fish so don’t think you’re EATING 100% fish fillets.


🔹These seem to be one of the better frozen fish products on the market out there, although the total amount of fish is low. This might be good for kiddos who are still learning to like fish.

🔹For more fish in every bite I would recommend checking out Jamie Oliver’s frozen fish fingers too (these are 58% fish!)

🔹A real 100% fish fillet is easy to grill at home or even coat in some egg and panko breadcrumbs for a quick and easy fish dish. Serve with some frozen vegetables to keep it quick and easy for your inevitably busy schedules!


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