Managing Fussy Eating: a real-life account

This is a guest blog post by the lovely Jenine from Mums with Bubs Fitness. She interviewed me about my top tips for managing fussy eating and she went home and implemented them with her family. This is what happened!

Managing Fussy Eating: a Real-Life Account of what Happened After Implementing Dr Kyla’s Top 5 Tips!

At the time of interviewing Dr Kyla Smith from Mealtime Building Blocks for the New Mama Lifestyle program, my kids were in an extreme fussy eating stage. Nothing I cooked was ever as good as what they ate at daycare, nothing I made was enjoyed. Despite my best efforts, meal times always felt like a battle - and I was clearly not winning!

Following our interview, I began to implement Dr Kyla’s tips in our home.

The first tip we tried more of was eating together as a family. Though not always possible, we began to make an effort to have at least one parent actually sitting with the kids during breakfast, lunch and dinner. If we got us both there, bonus! Prior to receiving Kyla’s guidance, the kids would eat early - around 5pm, and my husband and I would eat once they were in bed.

This change helped immensely. Both kids were happier to sit at the table longer, and I know how much better for our health it is to eat early anyways! We’ve managed to keep this going for the past year for most meals, and it definitely has made a big difference.

I also became more flexible in terms of what food I was putting on my kids plates. Prior to the interview with Dr Kyla, I would be frustrated and annoyed when my kids would simply refuse to even try the snack or meal I’d worked so hard to prepare. But once I began including options I knew they would eat, like blueberries, cherry tomatoes and cucumber, at most meals, they were happy to sit and would even give other things a try! In offering smaller quantities of items they’d enjoy, in addition to something they might not be sure of, I was able to create a plate of nourishing choices - which they loved!

The third tip that we implemented was placing each dinner item in the centre of the table with tongs or serving spoons. As my kids are a bit older, this method didn’t cause too much more mess, and they thought it was pretty cool to serve themselves! I was most impressed with my daughter serving herself a half plate of salad greens, and actually eating all of it. This method gave them a little bit more control over what they were eating, and it worked really well. Meals have become enjoyable again (even if there is a bit more mess) and the kids get to work on their fine motor skills too.

If you’re struggling with meals, I would highly recommend giving any of these tips a try and going into more depth with Dr Kyla. Sometimes the changes can be small, and the results can be drastic. Its well worth the time, effort and investment to making food a fun experience for your whole family!


About the Author:Jenine Dilts-Bayman is The Mums Fitness Expert: Founder of the New Mama Lifestyle online program, The Healthy Live Collective, and Mums With Bubs Fitness. Her aim is to empower, educate and support women towards better health, connecting them to their bodies, their babies & their communities!

Jenine holds over 16 years industry experience, her Certificiate IV in Fitness, an Honours degree in Sports Management, and specializes in pre and postnatal training. She is enthusiastic about the positive difference her programs make to strengthening families, both physically and emotionally.

“It’s about getting active every day, and making it a social, fun activity to do with your kids”

Jenine is a Canadian expat living in Perth, Australia, Mother to her 6 year old daughter, and 4 year old son.

For more information on programs and locations, check out her website or you can find her on Instagram & Facebook at @MumsWithBubsFitness.

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