Chewsday GUEST Review – The Wholesome Food Company’s Corn Chips with Veg

Packaged food companies are flocking to the smuggling-vegetables-into-foods-where-they-don’t-usually-belong party. The Wholesome Food Company make a range of corn chips containing vegetables, including today’s chewsday review flavour choice; cauliflower, linseed and aged cheddar cheese. With an enticing floret of cauliflower and wedge of crumbly cheese on the pack, what lurks within the packaging?


🔹Australian Corn (64%), Canola Oil, Aged Cheddar Cheese Seasoning (7%)*, Linseed (5%) and Cauliflower Powder (2%).

🔹The cheese seasoning contains maltodextrin, salt, natural flavour, cheddar cheese powder, whey protein, dextrose, mineral sale (potassium chloride) and yeast extract.

🔹Common Allergens: These are gluten free and produced in a nut free facility. Contains milk.

🔶The Positives:

🔹Made in Australia.

🔹These chips have 46% less sodium than standard corn chips at 130mg/serve. Yet a serve is equivalent to 19 corn chips, which would be very large for younger children.

🔹For children that like crunchy foods, this can help them be a stepping stone to trying some new flavours. It is important that children are offered easy to eat foods to give their mouths a break from big oral motor tasks and/or encourages them to eat some foods on offer because they can tell there are easier foods for them. The shape and size of these corn chips are circles about twice the size of a 20c piece making them easy to hold for smaller fingers.

🔹Sugar content is less than 1g and within healthy guidelines.

🔹Containing approximately 30% more dietary fibre than a standard corn chip, they make a better option to serve with bean dips, vegetable salsas and guacamole.

🔹The flavour is reasonably bland, there is a slight kick of cauliflower flavour right at the end. For children that need food chaining to new flavours, this is a nice small step.

🔶The Negatives:

🔹Total fat weighs in at 26.8g/100g, however, saturated fat is at 2.8g/100g. Yet, with the guidelines for 3-10yo being 7-10g of unsaturated fat PER DAY, a full serve (19 chips) exceeds this at 9.4g. Saying this, if the chips are used as a vessel for other foods, 19 chips is a LARGE serve for kids as part of a balanced snack.

🔹Marketing of the vegetable content on the front of pack (see Marketing below).

🔹The presence of the dark linseeds may be a visual sensory challenge for selective children. However, they assist with the fibre component of the food.

🔶The Marketing:

🔹With a large floret of Cauliflower on the front you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking these corn chips help your child achieve their recommended daily vegetable intake. Yet, with a 2% cauliflower powder component, it takes 1,085 corn chips to obtain one full serve of cauliflower!

🔶The Alternatives:

🔹These corn chips aren’t a complete nutrition source. But, we aren’t usually looking at corn chips as being a complete food, are we? The packaging may lead you to believe we are hitting a few food groups in one package, yet, this is not really the case. Served with bean dips, vegetable salsas or guacamole, these chips can be part of a balanced meal to be offered to your family. Don’t be fooled by the packaging into thinking this will solve your vegetable refusal issues. They still make a better option than standard corn chips, especially if they inspire you to offer some colourful fresh accompaniments. Alternatives to these may include homemade spelt crackers.


About the author of this post

Simone Emery is a children’s nutritionist working within a transdisciplinary team delivering SOS Feeding Therapy in Sydney’s northwest. Simone is a mum of 2 and a self-confessed procrastibaker. She blogs recipes and helpful tips for busy parents over at

About the author of this blog

Dr Kyla Smith is a paediatric dietitian specialising in fussy eating, feeding difficulties and childhood nutrition. She has a private practice called Mealtime Building Blocks in Perth, Western Australia. You can connect with Kyla on her website and her Facebook page or on Instagram

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