Chewsday Review- Simply 7 Lentil Chips

Today's Chewsday Review features the Simply 7 Lentil Chips. I’ve reviewed a different brand of Lentil Chips before and concluded that they’re just potato chips but with even more salt! Lots of you have requested a review of this brand, so let’s have a closer look…


🔹Lentil flour, potato starch, sunflower and/or safflower oil, sea salt

🔹Common allergens include: may contain traces of sesame seeds

🔶The positives:

🔹Saturated fat and sugar within healthy guidelines. This is the same as Red Rock Deli chips, and about half the saturated fat content of Smith's original chips.

🔹Contain some fibre (a bit more than the Vege Chip Lentil chips). A 28g serving provides enough fibre to meet 7% of a toddler's daily fibre requirements and 5% of a preschoolers daily fibre requirements. This is much less than a 28g serving of lentils!!

🔶The negatives:

🔹Total fat is double the recommended guidelines at 21.2g/100g.

🔹Sodium (salt) content significantly exceeds nutritional guidelines of less than 420mg/100g at a whopping 821mg. This is almost double the sodium content of Red Rock and Smith's chips and only slightly less than the other brand of Lentil Chips.

🔶The marketing:

🔹”We take nutritious lentils and bake their flavours and benefits into a bite-sized snack“ But they forget to mention how much salt they add…

🔹”These delicious snacks offer a healthier crunch“ I would debate that. These lentil chips may have more fibre but they’ve also got more sodium than potato chips. The fat contents are similar and the actual nutrient differences are kinda negligible. So I’d say they’re equivalent.

🔶The alternatives:

🔹These lentil vege chips are nutritionally almost exactly the same as regular potato chips. In fact, they actually have a lot more sodium (salt). So, don't be fooled into thinking you're having a healthier chip, because you're most definitely not!

🔹If you're using these to dip, I'd suggest the low or no salt rice crackers, or rice/corn cakes.


About Mealtime Building Blocks

Dr Kyla Smith is a paediatric dietitian specialising in fussy eating, feeding difficulties and childhood nutrition. Lauren Pike is an occupational therapist working in fussy eating and feeding difficulties. They have a private practice called Mealtime Building Blocks in Perth, Western Australia. You can connect with Kyla and Lauren on their website and sign up for their newsletter, and the Facebook page or on the Instagram page. You can also email them.

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