Chewsday Review- Petit Miam Plain Yoghurt squeezie

Another week, another new yoghurt for kids. This time Petit Miam has brought out a ‘no added sugar’ plain yoghurt in a squeeze pouch. So, how does it compare to the eleventy million other kid’s yoghurts? Let’s see…


🔹Milk (80%), milk solids, water, thickener, calcium, yoghurt cultures (S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, B. Lactis).

🔹Thickener 1442 keeps the yoghurt a consistent texture, and is well-tolerated by most people.

🔹The cultures added are used in the production of the yoghurt, but have benefits for little tummies as a source of good bacteria.

🔹Common allergens include: milk

🔶The positives:

🔹Sugar content is low for a yoghurt at only 4.1g per 100g. This is well within healthy guidelines, and is much less than most other kiddie yoghurts. For example, this yoghurt has just over half the sugar in Calcium-Yum and almost 60% less than the Vaalia kids tropical yoghurt (keep in mind these yoghurts do have a little bit of fruit in them). Compared to the original Petit Miam vanilla yoghurt, this plain yoghurt has 40% less sugar.

🔹The calcium content is particularly high, thanks to the addition of some extra mineral calcium. This makes it the highest concentration of calcium in the kiddie range of yoghurts!

🔹The fat and saturated fat content is within healthy guidelines, and sits around the middle of the road when compared to other kiddie yoghurts.

🔹At $1 per pack, this is one of the cheaper options, however, buying a family-size tub will always be a more economical option!

🔶The negatives:

🔹If you have a child who is used to eating sweet yoghurts, then adapting to the plainer taste may be tricky at first. You could add your own fruit puree for sweetness if you like.

🔹The squeezie pack does not promote good biting and chewing skills, rather promotes a reliance on sucking. This is true for all of the pouch yoghurts.

🔶The marketing:

🔹All the yoghurts advertise that they contain no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, and this yoghurt is no exception.

🔹”High in calcium for strong bones.” This is true, and a good selling point!

🔹”Made with live cultures.” Also true.

🔶The alternatives:

🔹This yoghurt is a great option as it is high in calcium, and low in sugar and saturated fat. Having said that, I’m still not a fan of the squeeze pack!

🔹The plain flavour may be a barrier for some kids at first, but you could experiment with adding your own fruit or cereal pieces for crunch and flavour.


About Mealtime Building Blocks

Dr Kyla Smith is a paediatric dietitian specialising in fussy eating, feeding difficulties and childhood nutrition. Lauren Pike is an occupational therapist working in fussy eating and feeding difficulties. They have a private practice called Mealtime Building Blocks in Perth, Western Australia. You can connect with Kyla and Lauren on their website and sign up for their newsletter, and the Facebook page or on the Instagram page. You can also email them.

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