Chewsday Review- Devondale Moo Choc Milk

Today's Chewsday Review is another dairy product, but it's a little bit different. This flavoured milk comes in a tetrapack and is heat treated, meaning it can be kept in the cupboard, packed in suitcases when travelling or pulled out in emergencies! But is it a nutritious option?

Chic milk review


🔹Whole milk, sugar, milk solids, cocoa, emulsifier, stabilisers, flavour (wheat maltodextrin), liquid milk product

🔹The emulsifiers and stabilisers are harmless and most likely used here to keep the texture of the milk consistent.

🔹Common allergens include: milk and wheat

🔶The positives:

🔹Total fat content within healthy guidelines

🔹Salt content within healthy guidelines

🔹A good source of calcium. This product provides 42% of toddlers calcium needs and 30% of primary school kids calcium needs.

🔹This comes in a 200mL pack, and is ultra heat treated meaning it doesn't have to be kept cold. It would be convenient to keep in the pantry, and it's also a good size for freezing and putting into lunchboxes.

🔶The negatives:

🔹The saturated fat content is a bit above the recommended amount for drinks. This product contains 2.3g per 100mL but the recommended amount is less than 1.5g/100mL. This is the same amount as in regular full cream milk (which is suitable for kids <2 years of age.) In comparison, HiLo milk contains about 40% less saturated fat and would meet the guidelines.

🔹The sugar content is also higher than recommended for drinks. This product contains 9g per 100mL but the recommended amount is less than 7.5g/100mL. Full cream and HiLo milk contain about half the amount of sugar and would meet the guidelines.

🔹NOTE: The nutritional criteria for assessing drinks is more strict than for assessing food. This is partly because calories consumed in drinks are less well recognised by the body, as compared to those in food. This can mean that we often drink more without it contributing to our sense of fullness. If this product was a food, it would meet healthy guidelines.


🔶The marketing:

🔹High in calcium and a source of protein. Yes true. Remember though, that 'source of protein' means that it's got some protein in it (even if it's a tiny amount). In this case, it's got 6g per pack which is equivalent to a yoghurt pack.

🔹No artificial colours or preservatives. Yes true.

🔹Packed fresh into handy 200mL packs; perfect for smaller hands and appetites, great for lunchboxes. This is a good 'sometimes' option for the lunchbox. I'd recommend alternating between regular milk and flavoured milk.

🔶The alternatives:

🔹This product is pretty much equivalent to 'fresh' flavoured milk, but with the convenience of a long shelf life.

🔹Nutritionally, milk or yoghurt is a better option than this milk. However, this is pretty much full cream milk with a bit of added flavour (an extra 1tsp sugar per 100mL). I think there are worse options out there!

🔹Another option would be Sipahh straws, which add flavour to milk as you drink through them. They are lower in sugar- but maybe a review for another day!


About the author of this blog post:

Dr Kyla Smith is a paediatric dietitian specialising in fussy eating, feeding difficulties and childhood nutrition. She has a private practice called Mealtime Building Blocks in Perth, Western Australia. You can connect with Kyla on her website and her Facebook page or on her Instagram page.

You can also email her.

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