Chewsday Review- Jamie Oliver's Brilliant Fish Fillet Fingers

Lots of requests for today's Chewsday Review, so there must be loads of kids out there who love a good fish finger! Today's version is by the legendary Jamie Oliver. I'm a huge fan, not only of his delicious food and recipes, but also of his commitment to improving childhood nutrition worldwide. Does this include his 'Brilliant Fish Fillet Fingers' though?

Food reviews for kids


🔹Alaskan Pollock (fish), bread crumbs, rapeseed oil, wheat flour, water, potato starch, salt.

🔹Pollock is a species of fish from the cod family, more commonly eaten in the UK than Australia. It's mild flavoured, low fat and generally a good source of Omega-3s (now known as long chain n-3 fats)

🔹The fish makes up 65% of the overall fish finger.

🔹Common allergens include: fish, wheat (gluten)

🔶The positives:

🔹Low saturated fat, at only 0.6g/100g and no trans fat.

🔹Low sugar content at less than 0.5g/100g (as expected, but some crumbed products can be hiding a bit!)

🔹$12.49/kg for the fish fingers (works out to about $20/kg for the actual fish) is not a bad price for a main meal protein.

🔹Grills in 10 minutes. A quick option for when you need dinner on the table fast!

🔶The negatives:

🔹It's not clear whether these fingers are a good source of long chain n-3 fats, which are the fats most beneficial for brain and heart health. The fish fingers are likely to contain some n-3 fats, as fish is naturally a good source, but if they provided a lot then I suspect that this would be declared on the packaging. Oily fish tend to provide the most n-3 fats, and this is a lower fat fish, so it may not have as much as you might hope.

🔹Reasonably high sodium (salt) content of 322mg/100g, although this is slightly less than the upper recommended limit of 400mg/100g.

🔶The marketing:

🔹100% Alaskan Pollock and certified sustainable seafood source. This is technically true, in that 100% of the fish is Alaskan Pollock. However, only 65% of the fish finger is actually fish, so I find this slightly misleading.

🔹No other ridiculous claims. Refreshing really...

🔶The alternatives:

🔹This is a reasonable option for a crumbed freezer product. In fact, it rates better than most chicken nuggets for saturated fat, sugar and sodium. It also provides an equivalent (if not slightly higher) protein content.

🔹In comparison to the previously reviewed Birds Eye Lil Fishies, this is slightly ahead- although if I knew what the n-3 fat content was then I could make a better comparison!

🔹Whole fish is always a great, nutritious option.

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