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Is my child's fussy eating really an issue?



Most kids go through phases with food. One week they'll want banana with everything, and next week they won't even look at a banana! This can be typical for toddlers as they learn about the world around them. However, children who experience persistent (more than a few weeks) difficulties with mealtimes and accepting new foods do need help. If your child gets distressed or you feel worried about mealtimes, perhaps now is the time to act!

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What sort of kids do you usually see?

Mealtime Building Blocks services can be helpful for all parents who want to understand how to help their kids eat well. This can be for preventing fussy eating, maximising nutrition or managing existing mealtime difficulties. Common mealtime difficulties include: babies not progressing with solid foods, children not eating meat, fruit or vegetables, kids refusing to try new foods, or children who get upset at mealtimes. A common complaint is "My child won't eat!" We can help you to understand why and then help your child to enjoy eating.

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It's definitely a good thing if your child is gaining weight and growing well. In fact, most children who experience mealtime difficulties are often in a healthy weight range. Regardless, good nutrition is important to support children's growth and development. If your child is not eating a wide range of nutritious foods, then you're certainly entitled to seek help to deal with this. Parents can also find mealtimes extremely stressful. If you are worried then please get in touch.

My GP says her weight is ok, but I'm still worried she doesn't eat the right foods. What do I do?



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If you've ever taken your child somewhere new and found it affects their 'normal' behaviour then you'll understand why Liz or Lauren come to your house. In-home appointments mean your child can feel comfortable in their 'normal' environment. This helps us to really get to know your child. As a bonus, you don't have to drive to a clinic and there's no waiting around before the appointment. Appointments available in the Perth metro area.

Why do you offer appointments at my home?



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Do you have any testimonials?

It would be great to share some of our success stories with you. However, along with other registered health professionals, dietitians are prohibited from using testimonials in accordance with government regulations. Instead of testimonials, Mealtime Building Blocks relies on word of mouth  to reach Perth families in need of our services. 

When can I get an appointment?

At the moment there are lots of families wanting to use our service. There is about a 4-5 month wait to be seen by our team. We appreciate this is a long time, especially when you are stressed and desperate. We are committed to providing an excellent service, so we cannot offer more initial appointments until we have space to follow up with you regularly and comprehensively, The quality of our service is second to none, so we appreciate your understanding.

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This is a really tricky question to answer! The number of appointments will depend on your child's age, and the extent of difficulties they are experiencing. Older children often need more support to change their eating habits. Similarly, if mealtimes have been tricky for a while then you might need to allow more time for things to improve. But, it can be done! As a guide, most parents benefit from 2-5 appointments and some phone or email support. 

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Do you provide any useful resources?

Yes! We've got some amazing resources showing you how to plan and make your child's meals in accordance with national guidelines. These have been pre-tested with many Mums and Dads so we can guarantee you'll love them!

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What does this service cost?

The cost of different services are outlined on our Rates page. Costs will depend on your family's needs. Packages are available offering discounted rates on a number of appointments when purchased together. There are also different options for follow up.

Are private health rebates available?



They certainly are! 

The rebate that you get will depend on the level of 'extras' cover you hold, and the rebates available from your private health provider,

How many appointments will I need?
What will happen at an in-home appointment?


The initial in-home appointment usually takes about 1 hour. This is a chance for our clinician to meet you and your child, and for her to understand the difficulties your family have been experiencing around mealtimes. In this appointment, we like to observe your child eating in their natural environment. We will leave your house once you've worked together to come up with a plan. Follow up appointments will be useful to check on progress at mealtimes and the structure will depend on your child's needs.

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Do you work with families who are worried about their child's weight?

Yes! We have lots of experience to support families who are concerned about their child's weight. It is so important to work with someone who is well-trained in managing childhood weight concerns, because there is a lot of potential to make the situation worse. We will work with you to help you understand how to best help your child.

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This is a tricky question to answer. It involves looking at your child's growth over time and working out what is healthy for them. Most parents have noticed that their child looks a bit bigger than other children, especially when they're wearing their bathers at swimming. We can help you to understand how to interpret their growth to decide on the best course of action.

My child has always been active, but bigger than other kids? Should I be worried?
Should my child be on a diet if I think they're overweight?

NO! Diets for children are absolutely NOT appropriate. We are passionate about helping your child to achieve a good health that they can take with them into adolescence and adulthood. This involves understanding why your child might be above their healthiest weight, and working out the best way to help them. Restricting a child's intake or putting them on a diet will often only make matters worse.

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