We offer home visits and clinic-based appointments (both north and south of the river in Perth, WA).


We also offer appointments via Zoom if you do not live in the Perth metropolitan area- it works very well!


We'll let you know what we recommend for your family after you submit your booking enquiry form.

Initial appointments 

At an initial appointment we spend a lot of time getting to know you and your family. We like to hear about your child’s feeding history and we make a detailed plan for you to feel confident going forward. As part of this appointment we check in by phone two weeks later to see how the initial plan is going.


An appointment takes 1-1.5 hours.


You can book an appointment here.

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Follow up appointments

While we do give you an individualised plan at your first appointment, mealtime difficulties are usually very complex and a number of follow up appointments are required.


We usually recommend 1-3 future appointments for parents to start to feel more confident in managing their child’s difficulties. Further appointments help your child to build confidence with new foods and we work with you to progress with your family goals.


Appointments are approximately 45 minutes long.

'Mother's group' appointments (Perth metropolitan area)


We can come to your parenting group and answer all your questions! This one off appointment is best suited to a group of parents who would like to know more information about nutrition and feeding-related topics. It is particularly useful when starting to introduce solids, and again at around 18 months when toddler feeding can become a bit tricky.


This session lasts for about 1.5 hours and suits groups of 7 or more parents.


Pricing is explained here. You can book a group session here.

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