Appointment information

What to expect... 

What will you do at the first appointment? 

● The most important part of the first appointment is for me to collect enough information about your child to help me understand their unique situation. This means us having a chance to talk about what you’ve noticed about their eating since birth until now. I’ll also ask you lots of questions to make sure we get a complete picture of what’s going on. 

● I also like to see your child having something to eat. It helps me to understand how well they bite and chew, how they sit or how they move during eating, what distractions they require to eat, their posture, the words they use and other little parts of a normal mealtime. 

● I also want to start getting to know your child and help them to start trusting me.

What to prepare...

What should I have ready for the appointment? 

● A meal or snack for your child to eat during the appointment (see below for more details) 

● A three day record of what they normally eat and drink. Details about amounts of food and drink, plus the timing of meals and snacks is REALLY helpful! ☺ 

● Their purple book with any height and weight measurements (even if it’s only baby measurements). If you are worried about your child’s growth then I’d strongly recommend getting them weighed and measured before the appointment. 

● Something to distract them (toys, books, screens etc) if they get bored of us talking!

Baby eating
Cute Girl Eating Apple

What to feed them...

What sort of food should I have ready? 

● It’s most useful for me to see your child eat something, so I can understand their biting and chewing, how they sit, how much they move etc. This usually works best if you offer them something that they will happily eat. 

● You can always describe to me what happens when your child is offered something that they don’t want to eat. We’ll talk about this in detail to understand the cause.

● Please choose something that requires some chewing and not just swallowing. Crunchy or chewy food like an apple or sandwich is ideal.

What if they don’t eat?

Or what if they eat better than they normally do?! 


● Don’t panic! Working with children means that you have to always be ready to expect the unexpected. If your child refuses to eat, then I get a glimpse of their normal behaviour around food. You can always video a mealtime after I leave to help me understand their eating better. 

● If your child actually eats well when I’m there, please don’t worry. I understand that this isn’t normal for them. Often, I actually get to see kids at their very best- so just know that this is quite normal!

Eating Breakfast

What should I tell my child about your visit? 

● It’s really important that you don’t make a big issue about me coming. Telling your child that I’m coming to help them to eat new foods often terrifies them and makes things a lot harder than they need to be! 

● For most children under the age of 5, you usually don’t need to tell them anything. Sometimes it helps just to say that you have a friend coming over to talk to you, and maybe they might have a snack with me. I won’t be needing your child to do anything at the appointment other than be themselves. 

● At the first appointment, I'll chat to your child/play with your child and get to know them, but I'd prefer not to talk about the eating issues in front of them. 

● For older children, it can be useful to say that I’m coming to talk to you (the parent) about food and what the family eats. However, I feel really strongly about not talking about children’s eating difficulties in front of them. If possible, I ask that you have something to completely distract your child for the 40 mins or so of the visit that don’t need them. This might be a friend, sibling, set up activity or outing with someone else. 

● For any following visits, I will usually talk a bit about learning about new foods, once the child trusts that I'm not scary, and I'm not going to make them do anything scary. Most of my clients are pretty happy with this once we get started!

What about payment? 

● You have a couple of options- I accept cash or credit card. If you want to pay via online transfer, please ask before the appointment and we can send an invoice.

Cancellation policy

Please keep in mind that there is a $50 fee if you cancel less than 48 hours before the appointment.

The full fee will be charged for 'no show' appointments.

This policy does apply to cancellations in relation to Covid. We are always happy to change our appointment to a Zoom call should you be feeling well but required to isolate.